Finally, a cable company you don't hate!

Andrew's System Status - Off the air


I just started getting my equipment in. I’ve got a mostly functional program guide, but I need to work out some issues before I pull the trigger on additional raspberry pis or a NAS.


Channel Lineup

# Name Description Status
3 Program Guide Listings, trailers, etc. Almost ready, working out a memory leak in the software
6 ABS (Another Broadcast Station) This is a typical broadcast station that will show content you might expect from any three-letter national broadcast station Gathering content
7 TBD   Still dreaming
8 TBD   Still dreaming
10 Wolf A less respectable broadcast station Gathering content
12 Birdsite Automated display of twitter posts separated into programming blocks by theme. Set to music. Need to write software
13 Weather Channel 24/7 weather information courtesy of the WS4000 Need a computer to run it
14 Premium Commercial free movies Gathering content
15 Kid’s Premium Commercial free children’s movies Gathering content
16 Kid Zone Cartoons and other shows aimed at kids Gathering content
17 Real Estate Channel Slideshows of home listings with TTS narration. Set to music and separated into programming blocks by area. Need to write software
18 Lofi Hip Hop Feed of the live stream Need more raspberry pis