Finally, a cable company you don't hate!

What is this?

An image of the program guide on a CRT television.

This is a resource for creating your own personal little cable company. Personally, I’m aiming for a 12 channel system, including a program guide channel, a weather channel, and more. Check out my system status here.

Why would anyone do that?

For fun, mostly. Play with some new-to-you technology and create your own channels with their own personas.

How do you do it?

Like many hobbies, there are varying degrees of how “into it” you get. It all depends on how much time and money you are willing to put into it, and where you begin to start seeing diminishing returns. We’ll outline several different setups along with the equipment and costs involved. Any of these approaches are valid if they fit your money/effort budget.

Big Picture Objective, Regardless of Project Scale

Whether you have a single channel displayed on a computer or dozens of channels available to TVs throughout your house, your core objective is simple: have one or more video feeds of scheduled content delivered to a display.

Scenario 1: Simple

Objective: Schedule Video Files to Play at Specific Times

Suggested Equipment:

Suggested Budget, assuming you have a computer: $0.00

Instructions coming soon!

Scenario 2: Advanced

Objective: Have multiple channels to flip between on a real TV, including a guide channel.

Suggested Equipment:

Suggested Budget: $200-300

Instructions coming soon!

Scenario 3: Enthusiast

Objective: Have an expandable system with many channels, received by multiple TVs throughout your living space.

Suggested Equipment:

Suggested Budget: $500 - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Instructions coming soon!